戴亮 Dai Liang / 何意达 He Yida / 简策 Jian Ce / Bianca Regl / 梁硕 Liang Shuo / 吕松 Lu Song / 原晓光 Yuan Xiaoguang /

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The exhibition circles around the question how we perceive our reality, which can be the common everyday world or the empirical nature in a general sense. Living in an
urban environment, surrounded by all kinds of media and random images, we barely take notice of it when we go after our daily business – yet it is this reality that fills our
minds and feeds our imagination.
The artworks in this exhibition demonstrate different ways of working with images and materials offered by the outside world. Whether it’s the news on TV, an object in the
street or a banal landscape – which was taken for granted, now reveals its inherent ambivalence or hidden narrative. By repeating and (re)constructing the elements which make up our familiar world, they offer us a chance to see it at second sight.
Having individual perspectives and preferences, the young artists work on various media and strategies in response to the buzzing urban environment they share. With observant attention, they create analytic or playful pieces that are both an empathic portrait and a witty subversion of modern reality. The exhibition tries to combine these diverse approaches – mirroring the complexity of their surroundings – and thus open a space for exchange and discussion, beyond a media-bound art practice.

展览关注我们认知现实的方法。 “现实”既可以是我们的日常生活,又可以是更普遍理解的自然世界, 抑或是实践中的常见问题。身处在城市中的我们习以为常被各种媒介和图像
所包围,而很少在日常琐事之后去真正地注意和思考它们。 然而正是这样的现实,它充斥着我们的头脑并入侵着我们想像。
展览中的作品以不同的方式讨论了来源于外界的图像和材料。 不论是电视新闻,街道上的物体或者是普通的风景,这些被人们想当然的材料,开始呈现它们内部的多重性和隐
藏的叙事。 用通过重复和(再)架构这些我们所熟悉世界中的元素,艺术家们提供了一个让我们去重新看待事物的机会。
带着独立的视角和偏好,他们用各自不同的媒介和工作方式回应着这个他们共同身处的嘈杂城市环境。用观察的眼光去看待事物, 艺术家们的创造出具有分析力且趣味无穷的
作品。它们具有着强烈图片感和对现代现实的一种幽默的颠覆。 本次展览试图结合这些不同的途径,反射它们的周遭环境的复杂性,去打开一个交流 和讨论的空间,去超越一