OFF空间 is an artist-run, not-for profit space in Beijing, China. Founded in 2010, it was run by Anna Hofbauer and Bianca Regl in Heiqiao until the demolition of the area in 2017. It has since moved to Liqiao, an artist district on the fringe of Beijing, and is directed by Bianca Regl. OFF空间 invites artist-curators to visually discuss contemporary issues of their interest. Curators are asked not to focus on singular positions but find linkage between work which designates strong shapes of contemporary art production. The main emphasis of OFF空间 is to turn away from art work designed for the market and question notions relevant to young and mid career artists before and during their work.
OFF空间2010年成立于中国北京,是一个由艺术家发起的非牟利艺术空间.在黑桥的原址被拆除之前,Off空间由Bianca Regl和Anna Hofbauer负责运营. 2017年,空间搬到北京边缘的李桥艺术区,由Bianca Regl负责. OFF空间邀请艺术家作为策展人以视觉的方式来探讨他们感兴趣的当下议题.空间并不专注于单一的立场,而是致力于在艺术作品之间找到联系,从而规划出当代艺术的有力形态. OFF空间的 研究对象在于那些远离为市场而设计的艺术,并更加关注那些年轻的、和处于职业生涯中期的艺术家,以及他们还未被固化的创作形态.