FREDERIK FOERT: 到底有多孤独?…嘟咚咚咚哒嘟咚咚 How Lonely Does It Get? DoDummDummDummDaDoDummDumm

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How Lonely Does It Get? DoDummDummDummDaDoDummDumm
The artist is a lonely wolf. There are indeed those who are extroverted and those who are introverted, but when it comes to the actual process of creating, everybody stands on their own. Pack or not, you have to stay in the picture.
Whether you love it or you hate it, the artist's solitude in front of the blank piece of paper or the white canvas is a challenge you have to face all by yourself. Romantically transfigured by the outside anyways, suffering for ideas in the ivory tower is every creative thought's origin. Up there the artist is fighting with himself and the dark matters of creation, ruffling hair, discarding and crumpling paper and eventually catching himself in the act; momentarily understanding the beauty of exactly this process. The flash of genius, the successful throw; ? he steps back, lights a cigarette and considers his work proudly. "PloP-Zisch"!
The first reward may be the only one. No one can share this moment, detached from later public situations; the artist, at this point, is completely on his own. A narrative moment which illustrates the melancholy of the working situation as well as their perfect self-sufficiency unite the work selected for this exhibition - video, painting, drawing and installation. Regardless of the public and the art market - lonely at the top ? and then, with a wink, back into the circus! ? Or maybe just ride a little longer into the

艺术家是一匹孤独的狼。虽然有人外向有人内向,但创造过程中大家都是独立的。不管你是否归属于狼群,你必须留在画面里。 无论爱与恨,艺术家在一张白纸或一块空白画布前的孤独是必然要面对的挑战。不管怎样被外界浪漫化,在象牙塔里思考的痛苦是每一个创意思维的起源。 在那里艺术家与自己和创作黑体进行斗争,弄乱头发,把纸柔成团扔掉,才终于察觉到自己的行为;瞬间意识到这过程中的美。灵光乍现,成功的一 击;……他后退一步,点了只烟并自豪的打量着自己的作品。“扑啦啦!”第一个奖励或许是唯一的。脱离之后的公开场合,没有人能和他分享这一刻;此 时此刻,艺术家完全是一个人。 短暂的叙述中,忧郁的工作状态和完美的自足性结合了这次展览的作品—-视频、油画、绘画和装置。不顾公众和艺术市场——高处不胜寒……然后眼睛一 眨,回到马戏团!…… 或者只是向日落多骑一会儿? 嘟咚咚咚哒嘟咚咚!