The exhibition circles around the question how we perceive our reality, which can be the common everyday world or the empirical nature in a general sense. Living in an
urban environment, surrounded by all kinds of media and random images, we barely take notice of it when we go after our daily business – yet it is this reality that fills our
minds and feeds our imagination.
The artworks in this exhibition demonstrate different ways of working with images and materials offered by the outside world. Whether it’s the news on TV, an object in the
street or a banal landscape – which was taken for granted, now reveals its inherent ambivalence or hidden narrative. By repeating and (re)constructing the elements which make up our familiar world, they offer us a chance to see it at second sight.
Having individual perspectives and preferences, the young artists work on various media and strategies in response to the buzzing urban environment they share. With observant attention, they create analytic or playful pieces that are both an empathic portrait and a witty subversion of modern reality. The exhibition tries to combine these diverse approaches – mirroring the complexity of their surroundings – and thus open a space for exchange and discussion, beyond a media-bound art practice. (Jian Ce)