Christian Egger / 孟阳阳 Meng Yangyang / 胡伟 Hu Wei / Katherina Olschbaur / Bianca Regl / Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair / 摘亮 Zhai Liang

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创作方式或是作品风格的变化在什么情 况下变得重要?为什么要改变?变化是 可能的吗?甚至,存在变化吗? 创作中的变化,无论是风格的变化, 或 是关注点的变化,亦或是题材的变化, 有时(或经常)都是艺术家有意识的决 定。但这些变化并不是一夜而成,也不 像因为外界因素不得已要突然改变空间 或是更换工作室一样。这些变化通常历 经多年,与我们认知世界、认识自我的 方式息息相关。 由对空间的特殊背景与位置更换的讨论 开始,这一展览将从不同的角度探讨艺 术家创作中的变化。什么样的决定会引 起变化? 改变也是一种反抗的形式吗? 改变蕴含着希望,或是进步吗?艺术家 创作的延续性有多重要? 从五个问题出 发, 我们希望提出更好的问题。
At which point does it become important or necessary to change one’s own practice or style, and why? Is change possible, does it even exist? Change within the practice of a painter sometimes/often comes as a conscious decision, be it change of style, of focus, of subject matter. Yet these processes hardly come overnight or abruptly like a forced relocation of a space or a studio. Sometimes they take years and are linked to how we perceive the world, and ourselves living in it. Starting a conversation from the very specific context of the space and its re- cent relocation, different approaches towards change within an artist’s practice will be discussed. What are the decisions that lead to change? Is change a form of rebellion, too? Does it imply an idea of hope, or progress? How important is the idea of continuity within a painters practice? Beginning with 5 questions we want to find better questions... Katherina Olschbaur