There are actually two phrases running through this space, between the two artists, and between the two sets of works and me and the spectators.
One is “Dao that could be described is not the universal and eternal Dao”, which is from Laozi; and the other is “Walk a path, but not any path.” The second phrase was actually Heidegger’s translation of the first one.
Among the two phrases of the same meaning, one has a 6-syllabled sound, while the
other speaks for itself in a literal way. It seems that the different ways of putting it all have their own period of validity. Both sentences are about the idea of “the narrative opening a road”, and more precisely, the existing narratives can hardly express the old meanings.
The linear structure of the narrative easily reminds people of a road, which can be
visualized in a film or comic strip. Both the picture-story booklets of the past and today’s popular comic books are based on the comic strip. Still children’s picture-booklets as well as comic books appear formulaic in a way, but the pieces by Liu Xiaohui and Wen Ling show nothing but their own Mum and Dad. (Wang Guangle)