The artist is a lonely wolf. There are indeed those who are extroverted and those who are introverted, but when it comes to the actual process of creating, everybody stands on their own. Pack or not, you have to stay in the picture.

Whether you love it or you hate it, the artist’s solitude in front of the blank piece of paper or the white canvas is a challenge you have to face all by yourself. Romantically transfigured by the outside anyways, suffering for ideas in the ivory tower is every creative thought’s origin. Up there the artist is fighting with himself and the dark matters of creation, ruffling hair, discarding and crumpling paper and eventually catching himself in the act; momentarily understanding the beauty of exactly this process. The flash of genius, the successful throw; ? he steps back, lights a cigarette and considers his work proudly. “PloP-Zisch”!

The first reward may be the only one. No one can share this moment, detached from later public situations; the artist, at this point, is completely on his own. A narrative moment which illustrates the melancholy of the working situation as well as their perfect self-sufficiency unite the work selected for this exhibition – video, painting, drawing and installation. Regardless of the public and the art market – lonely at the top ? and then, with a wink, back into the circus! ? Or maybe just ride a little longer into the sunset?