In this exhibition we will show paintings by Wang Yifan and Zhou Jingsi. Both artists are friends of mine since we were 15 years old and in high school.

Wang Yifan couldn’t care less about anything at one stage in his life; and Zhou Jingsi is a character straight out of the animations. Both of them had at one time loved to paint, and had also abandoned painting due to misunderstandings between them and their work. These past couple of years, they have re-structured their lives around painting again. One could even say that after strolling away from their initial ambition, they have returned to their primordial starting points.

They are now rejoined with their canvases and focusing on their inner feelings and needs, working in patience and tranquility. They paint at their own pace, without talk of innovations, -isms or concepts. This apparent withdrawal is in fact a precisely elaborated tempo developed throughout many years of self-observation, just like a farmer tending his piece of land. Without worrying about market demand, investment/returns, they paint out of their affection for painting and a better dinner menu.