The groupshow YES AND NO… will display works by artists from China, Germany and Austria and be an installation about the means of abstract art.
Regarding the selection of the artworks, my main interest lies in works that contribute to the question of translating painting practices into sculptural language. The relief as a
wandering concept between the both categories of painting and sculpture will serve as an exercise field and checkpoint for the qualities of the 2 disciplines.
The title YES AND NO / ONE IS LIKE THE OTHER refers to two aspects of the show.
First it negates the categorical difference between painting practice and sculptural practice.
Second it implies a linguistic approach to art and art perception. It’s about the act of cutting down the wholeness of an artwork. Each visual element that builds up the work is by
itself meaningless and equal to the others. In that sense there is no hierarchy or relation whatsoever between yes and no / green and red. And still we put them together in the
need of relation. The same applies to the different artworks as parts of the groupshow.
-one is like the other. (Anna Hofbauer)