Pictures of people and animals, some dead

putput Berlin
Joe Hardesty, Robert Muntean, Bianca Regl, Florian Schramm

Dad, Mum And Appropriate Narratives / curated by Wang Guangle / Blackbridge Offspace

There are actually two phrases running through this space, between the two artists, and between the two sets of works and me and the spectators.
One is “Dao that could be described is not the universal and eternal Dao”, which is from Laozi; and the other is “Walk a path, but not any path.” The second phrase was actually Heidegger’s translation of the first one.
Among the two phrases of the same meaning, one has a 6-syllabled sound, while the
other speaks for itself in a literal way. It seems that the different ways of putting it all have their own period of validity. Both sentences are about the idea of “the narrative opening a road”, and more precisely, the existing narratives can hardly express the old meanings.
The linear structure of the narrative easily reminds people of a road, which can be
visualized in a film or comic strip. Both the picture-story booklets of the past and today’s popular comic books are based on the comic strip. Still children’s picture-booklets as well as comic books appear formulaic in a way, but the pieces by Liu Xiaohui and Wen Ling show nothing but their own Mum and Dad. (Wang Guangle)

At Second Sight - Reconstructing Reality / curated by Jian Ce / Blackbridge Offspace

The exhibition circles around the question how we perceive our reality, which can be the common everyday world or the empirical nature in a general sense. Living in an
urban environment, surrounded by all kinds of media and random images, we barely take notice of it when we go after our daily business – yet it is this reality that fills our
minds and feeds our imagination.
The artworks in this exhibition demonstrate different ways of working with images and materials offered by the outside world. Whether it’s the news on TV, an object in the
street or a banal landscape – which was taken for granted, now reveals its inherent ambivalence or hidden narrative. By repeating and (re)constructing the elements which make up our familiar world, they offer us a chance to see it at second sight.
Having individual perspectives and preferences, the young artists work on various media and strategies in response to the buzzing urban environment they share. With observant attention, they create analytic or playful pieces that are both an empathic portrait and a witty subversion of modern reality. The exhibition tries to combine these diverse approaches – mirroring the complexity of their surroundings – and thus open a space for exchange and discussion, beyond a media-bound art practice. (Jian Ce)

YES AND NO - ONE IS LIKE THE OTHER / curated by Anna Hofbauer / Blackbridge Offspace

The groupshow YES AND NO... will display works by artists from China, Germany and Austria and be an installation about the means of abstract art.
Regarding the selection of the artworks, my main interest lies in works that contribute to the question of translating painting practices into sculptural language. The relief as a
wandering concept between the both categories of painting and sculpture will serve as an exercise field and checkpoint for the qualities of the 2 disciplines.
The title YES AND NO / ONE IS LIKE THE OTHER refers to two aspects of the show.
First it negates the categorical difference between painting practice and sculptural practice.
Second it implies a linguistic approach to art and art perception. It's about the act of cutting down the wholeness of an artwork. Each visual element that builds up the work is by
itself meaningless and equal to the others. In that sense there is no hierarchy or relation whatsoever between yes and no / green and red. And still we put them together in the
need of relation. The same applies to the different artworks as parts of the groupshow.
-one is like the other. (Anna Hofbauer)

Reden ist Silber, Zeigen ist Gold

Atelierhof Kreuzberg, 2010
Joe Hardesty, Robert Muntean, Alfons Pressnitz, Bianca Regl

Sunset on your breath

Bianca Regl: Sunset on your breath 2010.01.11-2010.02.12
UNC Gallery in Sagan-dong, central Seoul
UNC Gallery presents 15 paintings by rising Austrian artist Bianca Regl. The series is about a woman swimming in a pool. Regl simple but creative brushstrokes highlight the contrast of lightness and darkness in her paintings. Looking from a distance, the brushstrokes add realism, but taking a closer look, viewers might think they are looking at an abstract painting. Her works gained great interest among collectors in Europe and North America. The exhibition runs through Feb. 11 at UNC Gallery in Sagan-dong, central Seoul. For more information, call (02) 723-2711 or visit »

Painting / Phantom Galleries

Bianca Regl / Painting / Phantom Galleries, Long Beach, California

Gemeinsam ist man mindestens zu zweit

Austrian Cultural Forum, Berlin 9.2009-11.2009
Bianca Regl / Robert Muntean

The Haven

DNA Berlin
Bianca Regl: The Haven 16.01. - 15.02.2009


lukasfeichtner Gallery / 2008.4.11-2008.5.24